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Neil Simon Wrote THIS???

My theory is that some wannabe writer penned this crap and stuck
Mr. Simon's name on it. I cannot believe the same man who has written
some of the best plays and movies of his time is responsible for this
rubbish. The one word which stuck in my head scene after scene was
'lame'. As in 'This scene is really lame'.

Among the problems with the movie: The opening was horrible. Oscar
(Walter Matthau) is covering a small minor-league team and makes
several pathetic jokes. His son (Jonathan Silverman) calls to announce
that he is getting married: to Felix' daughter. How convenient.
Felix (Jack Lemmon) and Oscar meet at the airport and commence on a
series of misadventures on US 101. The 'Every Town Starts
With SAN' running gag is funny...the first couple of times. By the
10th, you want to throw things at the screen.

The duo keeps getting into worse and worse situations, and its easy to
stop caring whether they make it out or not. Scenes in a bar, on a
bus, on a plane...all fall flat, and made me long for a sledge hammer
so I could stop the pain.

I hate this movie because it takes two great characters (first played
in the movies by these two 30 years ago, then on TV by Jack Klugman
and Tony Randall) and destroys them. A neat freak gentleman like
Felix Unger is not supposed to start using the f-word for no reason.
A reunion of Matthau, Lemmon and Simon should have been special. This
was horrible.
It 'earns' a 2

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